Climbing Mountains and Forging Streams

1803AudreyVoonMusic-299 (straight).jpg

I recently attended a Broadway Across America performance of The Sound of Music here in my hometown of Portland, Oregon. I'll admit, there was a certain level of apprehension about this experience going into it, as those fond childhood memories of the iconic Julie Andrews version have been branded deeply upon my heart. Oh, was I ever surprised to find myself moved, weeping, to the words of Mother Superior as she sang, "Climb every mountain forge every streamfollow every rainbowtill you find your dream!" in all her glorious soprano power.

Of all the songs and all the scenes, this was never the one that spoke to me as a child. In fact, I often hit fast-forward when it came to this song (don't tell Mother Superior). Of course, I was never closer to the reality of climbing those mountains, and forging those streams than I am today. Today, I share with you the rainbow I didn't even know I had been following, a dream that slowly and subtly presented itself: Audrey Voon Music, LLC.

A heartfelt thank you must be extended to Cristina Marino, my dear friend and colleague, executive director of Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective, and owner of Cathedral Park Music. Cristina invited me to teach individual lessons through her Cathedral Park Music studio at a time when I didn't have any prospective students, and I really didn't know where to start. She has been and continues to be a mentor and a friend from whom I have learned a lot about being a business owner, being a teacher, and being a true friend. I wouldn't be forging this new stream were it not for her. Thank you, Cristina. 

And, now, I hope you will enjoy perusing my new website! It is a work-in-progress, as are all things in life. If you have suggestions or comments you'd like to share, I encourage you to send those along. Thank you for being part of this exciting new step and for being part of my loving community of family, students, colleagues, and friends.