Congrats to 100 Day Challengers!!

This year, I challenged my students to participate in the 100 Days of Practice Challenge from January-April. I’m so proud of the 8 students who completed the challenge! Please join me in congratulating the following young learners for their dedication to lifelong learning and their musical growth:

  • Heidi Fulgham

  • Julia Fulgham

  • Juniper Kaigler

  • Mila Kashiwabara

  • Porter Perham

  • Adriano Posko

  • Alessia Posko

  • Andrew Rankin

We celebrated with friends and family at a pizza party at 48 North on Sunday, April 28. Challengers were presented with a special certificate of completion in honor of all their hard work.

Interested in another 100 Days of Practice Challenge? You’re in luck! The next challenge will be a special edition 100 Days of SUMMER Practice Challenge this June-August. Stay tuned for more details!